Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Turnkey Process

At Northfield Automation Systems, we believe effective turnkey solutions are customized, complete and comprehensive.


More about Turnkey Process

At Northfield Automation Systems, we deliver complete turnkey solutions for your high-volume roll-to-roll manufacturing needs. Our extensive background in and knowledge of materials characteristics, process design and custom equipment manufacturing enable us to produce complex, fully integrated systems that produce your product efficiently and economically.

Our turnkey development process includes the full design of the system; materials (substrate) review and analysis; complete build or acquisition of required custom system equipment; equipment programming and configuration; development of all processes and interactions (complete integration); full automation (appropriate and consistent movement of web); design and creation of user-friendly control systems; extensive testing exercises; and all delivery, setup and configuration services. Our post-installation training and support is second to none.

It has always been our goal to collaboratively complement your existing engineering team. Given pressures to continually shorten the timeframe from purchase order to delivery, our process expertise will allow you and your team to ensure the smooth and efficient development and implementation of the right automation system.

We seek to provide our customers with a turnkey automation solution by offering extensive experience and world-class equipment. Our ability to deliver highly customized, precision web-handling systems is unparalleled.

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