Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Roll-to-Roll Handling

At Northfield Automation Systems, roll-to-roll is in our very DNA.

Roll-to-Roll Handling

Building Systems from Front to Back

Northfield Automation Systems knows the importance of considering a manufacturing effort from front to back and of fully understanding the end goals before a single piece of equipment is identified. We will get to know your company and process before we automate systems.

Taking any product from the laboratory through the pilot phase to a full-scale roll-to-roll automated web handling system requires careful consideration of a number of variables.

  • What are your options for raw materials and what are their characteristics?
  • How will these materials react when various stresses are applied?
  • What processes are involved at each stage and how do they interact?
  • What are your expectations in terms of throughput and speed?
  • What controls are necessary?
  • What is the form factor of the product?

Our History in Roll-to-Roll Technology

As a pioneer in the roll-to-roll automation of flexible printed circuits decades ago, Northfield Automation Systems was one of the first companies to develop roll-to-roll equipment that performed laser ablation on printed electronics. We were at the forefront of developing specifications for new and novel raw materials and then establishing a broad supplier base. Our low-inertia roller technology has become an industry standard, and our dancer system is without match.

The Innovative Impact of Web Handling

Roll-to-roll is making a mark in the automation world. By using roll-to-roll or web handling and roll-to-roll or web automation, there are more cost savings, better efficiency and stronger precision control – from incoming raw materials to the finished product. Through these automation systems applications, Northfield Automation Systems is making an environmental impact by providing clean energy practices and energy efficient products. Web handling and web automation make an innovative impact on any sheet transformation job.

Your Roll-to-Roll Project

At Northfield Automation Systems, roll-to-roll, web handling, web automation, and roll handling equipment are in our very DNA. Let us bring our expertise with web handling to bear for you and your product.

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