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Northfield Automation Systems is a pioneer in developing roll-to-roll handling technology and systems designed to improve precision and efficiency and take on a variety of manufacturing challenges.


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Our company specializes in process equipment automation and custom factory and industrial turnkey solutions to ensure quality, throughput and seamless movement of materials.

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Northfield Automation System's ability to deliver world-class manufacturing systems is unparalleled. Our expertise will allow your team to ensure efficient development and implementation of the right system.

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Roll-to-roll: An Environmental and Economical Solution

Roll-to-roll and web handling machines improve cost-savings, efficiency and precision control – from incoming raw materials to the finished product, offering a suite of solutions for automation needs. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, a roll-to-roll process is often the only viable way to produce a sheet or roll at high volumes and at manageable costs, making it a critical manufacturing technology for new clean energy and energy efficient products.

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“We ultimately chose to work with NAS because of the capability of their people, their character and their great industry track record.”

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