Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
In-Line Multi-Purpose Line-Scan Vision System


This customized turnkey process machine utilizes Northfield Automation’s previously designed multi line-scan camera package. For this application, this camera package serves two purposes.

This package provides full incoming product scanning for verification, information, registration and measurement purposes. With high-speed processing of information, the stage transporting the product moves directly into a laser marking station for precision marking of hundreds or thousands of specific piece parts nested within the panel. As the stage drives back out to the operator, it again passes through the camera station where verification is made for the positioning of the markings as well as the quality of all marks performed. This even includes serialization within the product nesting of the panel.


This machine design provides a process solution that has a cycle time 30 times faster than the existing process equipment. This solution can also handle new incoming product mixes that the existing process equipment was not able to.


Working closely with the customer and understanding what future capabilities are going to be needed, this custom-designed solution performs the immediate requirements as well as next generation products for the future.


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