Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Hybrid Robotic Wafer Laminator/Sheeter/Stacker
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  1. Wafer cassette loading
  2. Robotic wafer pick
  3. Vision registration
  4. Robotic wafer placement
  5. Tape unwind
  6. Heated tape to wafer lamination
  7. Vision inspection
  8. Singulation
  9. Final product stacking


Throughput 250 wafers per hour
Controller Touch screen with stand alone controller
Light bar Tool status (cassette empty, fault, warning, running)
Safety NEC compliant, UL listed components, Semi S2-S8
Film Dry Film Laminate PET + EVA
50um to 250um thick PET + 25 to 50um thick EVA
Total Thickness: 75um to 25um
Length: 250′ to 1000′
Width: 125mm to 190mm
Construction PET with PSA backing
PSA backing has a release layer that requires an additional winder
Alignment Pre-punched alignment holes in film
Specification Multi-access robot
Load from 3×50 or 100 wafer cassettes
Cascading cassette loading (operator will load new cassette as needed)
Wafers 108.5 +/-.5mm x 108.5 +/-.5mm
R2.5mm max corners
.650um thick
Details Cassette-mapping with crossed wafer detection
Wafer-to-wafer pitch Variable within a batch: 120mm to 190mm
Operator controllable via touch-screen
Wafer Carrier Teflon coated
35-150 deg C
Heated Nip Roller Speed range 100-1000mm/min (6 to 60 sec lamination time)
Heated 35-150 deg C
Process control requirement Maximum bubble size: 10um
Wrinkles: no visible at 40x
Tears: no visible at 40x


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