Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Custom Automation

One size does not fit all. That’s why we’ve been building custom automated manufacturing equipment since the day we opened our doors. (Because the right system gets the right results.)

Custom Automation

Customization for Every Customer

At Northfield Automation Systems, almost everything we do can be called custom automation. What does this mean? Say Customer A wants an automated system to make resistive touch sensors at 8” wide out of stainless steel foil, and Customer B wants to make capacitive touch sensors that are 30” wide and made out of polyester film. While some process steps may be the same, some crucial ones are not. Customer A’s tool needs to be different than Customer B’s. Maybe Customer A needs to be able to handle 20,000 pounds of roll foil, and Customer B has 100-pound roll of film.

A one-size-fits-all approach simply does not work when precision and quality are involved. Instead, both of these customers need custom automation equipment.

Custom Automation Equipment and Integration

We bring our custom automated manufacturing approach to manufacturing in two ways:

  1. By delivering the very best high-quality custom manufacturing equipment
  2. By providing unparalleled expertise in creating custom integration and interfaces between a system’s various processes

Converting a laboratory or prototype process into a production automated line is no small undertaking. In some instances, our customers are experts in the specific sheet-based, low volume product/process, but they need assistance automating the process with web handling or into a roll-to-roll line. In other cases, a customer is seeking to enhance an existing high-volume line by marrying disparate equipment and processes. In both instances, Northfield Automation Systems fully engages with the customer to understand both the micro- and the macro-level goals, and then delivers an automation equipment system solution that goes beyond simply meeting the spec sheet.

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