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Northfield Automation Systems Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS), is celebrating its 20th anniversary on September 25 – a feat attributed to staying on top of technological trends and employing a global sales strategy. Read more »

Automation Solutions for Manufacturing’s New Normal

In the age of COVID-19, manufacturing automation has never been more valuable. Whether you need to ramp up production to meet increased demand, streamline your processes to cut down on costs, or improve operator distancing with one operator controlling multiple automated manufacturing lines, using the latest technology to increase automation is a smart investment.

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Understand. Engage. Customize.

Providing Customized Automation Solutions

Custom automation equipment allows individual companies to focus on their unique needs and product requirements and match those needs by either partially or fully automating their manufacturing equipment. Many steps go into ensuring this process provides the most optimal cutting-edge solution.

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Northfield Automation Systems Spotlight: Jeff Kashak

Get to know Field Service Representative Jeff Kashak in this Northfield Automation Systems staff spotlight!

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Roll-to-roll: An Environmental and Economical Solution

Roll-to-roll and web handling machines improve cost-savings, efficiency and precision control – from incoming raw materials to the finished product, offering a suite of solutions for automation needs. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Energy, a roll-to-roll process is often the only viable way to produce a sheet or roll at high volumes and at manageable costs, making it a critical manufacturing technology for new clean energy and energy efficient products.

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