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NAS Launches Turnkey Roll-to-Roll Project with New Global Customers

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) recently began work for a European original equipment manufacturer (OEM).

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Q4 Update from NAS

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) predicts a strong outlook for 2024, driven by an increased volume in inquiries toward potential projects with new and existing customers.

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Energy Storage Project Partnership Leads to Increased Volume Manufacturing

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) is working with an energy storage customer on turnkey manufacturing lines for their new United States-based facility.

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NAS Delivers Custom Roll-to-Roll Process Solution to Chinese High-Tech Company

FlexTouch project image

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) recently delivered two custom roll-to-roll standalone manufacturing process solutions to FlexTouch Technologies Co., a Chinese high-tech company specializing in next-generation flexible metal mesh touch sensors, including applications for use in mobile and smart wearable devices, tablets and laptops, vehicles and more.

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NAS Partners with International Supplies on Printed Circuit Board Process Line Solution

PCB unwind-rewind solution

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) recently partnered with Italian manufacturer International Supplies to produce a unique process line solution for a Minnesota-based printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturer.

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