Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Roll-to-Roll Modular Multi-Feature Laminator and Slitter
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  • atmospheric-laminator-2


  1. Unwind
  2. Interleaf take up
  3. Splice table
  4. Surface treatment (optional)
  5. Single or dual side resist
  6. Material pre-heat
  7. Close loop temperature sensing
  8. Laminate
  9. Rewind


The Vertical laminator packs a large number of features into a compact footprint: Precise control of process speed and temperature combined with tight tolerance rollers provide utmost lamination quality.

The modular design allows customization to your specific applications. All options can be field installed, providing flexibility in the initial specifications. The base is designed to provide lift cart access for ergonomic loading of heavy rolls and the rollers are cantilevered for easy threading.

The unwind/rewind pair are PLC controlled with a touch screen user interface. Contact us today to learn more.

Performance Features »
Web width 6-24 inches
Edge guidance 0.004 inch accuracy
Feed rate 0-15 FPM continuous
Material roll diameter Up to 16 inches
Material spool direction Both CW and CCW
Splice station For accurate splicing
Web tension 4-40 lbf
Pressure regulation 2-80 psi +/- 0.1%
Material shaft T.I.R Less than 0.005 inches
Idler diameter 6 inches
Idler T.I.R. Less than 0.002 inches
Roller alignment Level and parallel to 0.003 in.
Standard Features »
Material construction Stainless or powdercoat steel / anodized aluminum
Material core Pneumatic – touch screen activated
Material drive Safety clutch included
Controls PLC controlled
Electrical panel UL certified
Options »
Pre-heat roller Pre-heat material prior to lamination for better bond.
Splice station Allows precise splicing of material
Viton coated lamination controllers Significantly increases lamination roller life.
Dual material shaft and accumulation For uninterrupted material processing during roll change.
Tension control Closed loop/remote set
Inline inspection Verification of process parameters prior to upstream processing.
Process data collection Many SCADA packages available
Web cleaner Tacky roll, ultrasonic, etc.
Laser alignment Entire process line aligned to 0.003 in.
Dimensions and Power »
Machine size (LxDxH): 82 x 82 x 80 in. (1219 x 1855 x 2007 mm)
System weight 2000 lb.
Electrical 120/240 single phase 60/50 Hz (specifiy)
Air 80 psi
Exhaust 350 CFM


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