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Northfield Automation Systems Predicts Positive Outlook for 2022

As we approach the new year,  Northfield Automation Systems (NAS) predicts a strong 2022, reporting that the company has secured enough orders to fulfill nearly 50% of its revenue goals for next year.  Read more »

Northfield Automation Systems to Create Custom Proof of Concept Manufacturing Line for Battery Technology Industry

Northfield Automation Systems was recently awarded a new project to provide a custom proof of concept manufacturing line for a manufacturer of renewable battery technology. Read more »

Northfield Automation Systems Reports Strong Q1

As we’ve entered year two of the COVID-19 pandemic, Northfield Automation Systems is reporting a strong first quarter for 2021. Read more »

Equipping the 5G Manufacturing Transformation

The introduction of 5G has accelerated the development of the factory of the future. The smart factories of tomorrow are likely to be filled with sensors, each monitoring different aspects of the working environment. 5G’s high capacity, wireless flexibility and low-latency performance make it a natural choice to support manufacturers in these environments. Read more »

Northfield Automation Systems Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Northfield Automation Systems (NAS), is celebrating its 20th anniversary on September 25 – a feat attributed to staying on top of technological trends and employing a global sales strategy. Read more »


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