Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Custom Vertical and Horizontal Panel Handler
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  1. Basket loaded onto conveyor
  2. Vacuum paddle rotate flat panel
  3. Flat panel is placed into basket
  4. Basket goes back on conveyor



  • Basket is manually loaded onto load/unload system conveyor.
  • Basket moves from home position to load position #1.
  • Flat panel alignment cap removed to allow basket to accept panel.
  • Load/unload system: customer-supplied indexing conveyor receives a flat panel within +/-3.0mm from horizontal position using lead-in feature.
  • Flat panel travels (index’s) on customer-supplied conveyor to staging area.
  • Vacuum paddle with lead-in feature receives flat panel from staging area.  (Vacuum paddle fastens to customer-supplied conveyor).
  • Vacuum paddle holds flat panel in 10mm exclusion zone and then rotates flat panel to vertical position.  Vacuum paddle releases flat panel onto lift vane below basket; lift vane lowers flat panel into basket.
  • When basket is full, it travels back to home position on conveyor; flat panel alignment caps are reinstalled and full basket is ready for processing.  (The movement and rotation of panel into basket and the movement of full basket are to be a smooth motion as not to allow panel to warp more than 6.0mm)
  • At the equipment output the panel must be positioned so that panel centerline is within +/-1.0mm from nominal.
  • Reverse steps above for flat panel unload.


Performance of load/unload system
Availability Supplier dependent uptime is 90%.  Per definitions in SEMI E10.
Scheduled down time Less than 12 hours per week (Including PM + setup time).
Run Rate 86 Panels per hour
Max Panel Warpage 6.0mm (When panel is placed on a flat horizontal surface, warpage is the largest distance between surface and panel. Gravity may also cause sag in panel that equipment must accommodate.


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