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Northfield Automation Systems Spotlight: Brett Davis

Learn more about Welder Fabricator Brett Davis in this Northfield Automation Systems staff spotlight!

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Visualize This

… Increased Accuracy and Cost Savings

It’s our system, but it’s your gain. At Northfield Automation Systems, our visual in-line inspection systems balance fine-level defect resolution with rapid roll-to-roll processes. Using high-end commercial lenses and lighting, we internally develop custom software to resolve the images. These world-class systems provide a number of beneficial impacts for manufacturers.

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Smaller. Faster. Better.

In the tech and electronics world, everything seems to keep getting smarter … and smaller. With an increasing demand for flexible electronics in our everyday lives and the need for mobility and simplicity in today’s technology products, manufacturing companies are looking to reduce the size of their electronics. 

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The Future is Flexible

The electronic display market continues to grow with exciting technology advances emerging daily. While the possibilities for flexible electronics are decidedly endless, there are a few areas that stand out at the moment.

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Northfield Automation Systems Spotlight: Mike Deters

Learn more about Electromechanical Assembler Mike Deters in this Northfield Automation Systems staff spotlight!

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