Roll-to-roll automation
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NAS heard our needs and provided tremendous value beyond just what we thought we needed – for hardware, software, integration and overall performance.


A technology and development company had developed the technical basis for a novel method of producing printed electronic film products using an additive process in roll form. The company had little experience with roll-to-roll material handling and identified the need to find equipment and knowledge to ensure success in extending the processes into a high-volume, low-cost manufacturing capability, while also incorporating high quality inspection and test systems.

Solution Equipment

Solution 1:

  • Dual web chemical process winding system
  • Integrated vision inspection
  • Integrated laser marking system
  • Capable of up to 500 mm webs or two 250 mm webs running at the same time

Solution 2:

From the customer

“We quickly found four or five companies as potential candidates for equipment work in this segment of the industry, and set up discussions to review processes, materials and handling experience and expertise, and to determine if the company’s capability was compatible and applicable to our new printed film processes.

After only a few discussions with all potential partners on our candidate list, we realized that NAS stood out as uniquely and specially knowledgeable and with direct experience to provide what we believed we needed to successfully incorporate R2R handling for our processes.

NAS very quickly understood what we were doing and what the goals were with our new technology. NAS provided the experience and knowledge and capability to design and build systems to handle exactly what we needed.  The experience and success of previous systems they had built would directly apply to our technology, with configuration special to our requirements. NAS immediately provided concepts and suggestions to the design and demonstrated confidence and commitment. NAS heard our needs and provided tremendous value beyond just what we thought we needed – in terms of total solutions, not only for high-quality film handling, but for optical and electrical test, where those technical solutions were harder to find. They dedicated resources and know-how to develop working solutions – for hardware, software, integration and project management.”

The NAS Advantage

”NAS quickly and confidently listened, understanding of our needs – even understanding more of what we needed than we knew. They gave us confidence that we could count on them as a valuable partner. They freely shared their knowledge and gave industry-leading, best solutions.”


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