Custom, turnkey, roll-to-roll automation system with electrical testing and vision inspection.
Vision Inspection

We create world-class vision inspection systems that offer the optimal balance of fine-level defect detection with a rapid roll-to-roll process.


More about Vision Inspection

NAS creates world-class visual inspection systems that offer the optimal balance of fine-level defect resolution with a rapid roll-to-roll process. We use high-end commercial lenses and lighting, and we internally develop custom software to resolve the images. We create vision inspection systems for the following applications:

  • Defect detection
  • Quality inspection
  • Verification tool
  • Statistical analyzer
  • High-speed counter
  • Color analyzer

The great value in integrating a visual inspection system is the ability to ensure product quality and identify problems. When an inspection system is paired with a characterization functionality – say, a laser-marking or barcoding system – you have the ability to mark or track the product for future action.

Vision inspectionBeyond simple blob detection, our vision systems have the ability to conduct multi-factor, multi-step feature detection.

The ability to handle a complex series of inspections – all while allowing for the efficient forward movement of the web itself – comes from the right combination of hardware and software, both of which NAS designs and configures.

In some instances our systems will inspect multiple points of interest on a web, record and examine the data, and then overlap and stitch the image, providing both a macro and micro record of the inspection.

Our optical inspection equipment can improve outgoing quality by finding defects that ordinary visual inspection would normally miss, and give valuable process feedback for continuous improvement efforts.

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